Rihanna Is Giving You a Serious Discount on Her Lipstick 

Her Fenty Beauty mattes are more than half off. 
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Fenty Beauty is ready to help you usher in the summer of lipstick. 

As many start to embrace a future without continuous masking, beauty experts are predicting an uptick in lipstick usage. This summer, it's all about showing up to any and every event with bright and bold makeup, especially when it comes to lipstick. If your current beauty regimen is lacking in conversation-starting colors, has you covered with a summer sale on a fan-favorite lip product.

Rihanna's beauty brand is currently offering up to 60 percent off of select hues of its . Sported by Rihanna herself in countless Instagram posts, the Plush Matte lip product is also a favorite of for its "creamy, yet comfortable" matte formula.

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Shop now: $7 (Originally $18); ,

Available in hues including a striking lilac called and a rich orange-red named , Mattemoiselle is especially admired for its transfer-proof ability. That's right, fans report that the lipstick lasted through eating and drinking. "This was my birthday lipstick," one Sephora customer wrote. "I wore it from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. without reapplying it. I even ate and it stayed put. My favorite part is that my lips weren't dry!"

The highly-pigmented lipstick was created by Fenty Beauty to be universally flattering across multiple skin tones, a trait which customers have confirmed. "If you like unconventional colors, the green is so flattering," one Sephora shopper shared. Another wrote of the lipstick in Dragon Mami, saying, "It's so beautiful for a fun summer/spring look and goes great on all skin shades." 

To really amp up your lipstick game this summer, you can also choose from a discounted collection of or a duo of . As one fan wrote of the Stunna product , "The colors are amazing, one swipe gives amazing payoff and they don't feel too dry when they set."

Whether you're new to Fenty Beauty or stocking up on an old standby, the popular lip products are discounted among other favorites. Add some glow to your beauty routine by shopping multiple Fenty Beauty highlighter products on sale. The is currently 50 percent off, as is the .  

Start your summer with some Rihanna-approved products and check out

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