This Splurgy Shampoo Is the Only One I’ll Use on My Color-Treated Curly Hair

This Splurgy Shampoo Is the Only One I'll Use on My Color-Treated Curly Hair

I started using Innersense four years ago, and I’m never turning back.
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Many of us can pinpoint moments in our lives when we felt like we had jumped into the deep end of the pool. In my case, one of those moments was when I was 12: While attempting to learn the social hierarchy of sixth grade, my hair conveniently decided to buck its straight texture and reemerge as solid curls with a distinct hint of frizz. I was living a middle school nightmare, and I very quickly learned curly hair required something my straight hair never did — products.   

Twenty years later, I have used countless shampoos and conditioners, and I spent more than a decade in love with a cream hair gel that was under $5 and smelled like summer but included terrible ingredients for curly hair. Then I took a deep dive into the Curly Girl Method, learned about all of the ingredients I should avoid, and met my hairstylist, Rae, who gave me the best haircut of my life and introduced me to .

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I would be lying if I said I didn't experience sticker shock when Rae suggested I switch from my non-organic shampoo. But she was quick to point out that would last for months because the organic formulation meant I would only use a quarter-size amount (or less!) when I wash my hair. Since I no longer go through shampoo like water, I don't mind the splurge every three or so months.

After just a single lather with Innersense, I noticed my curls looked more defined. And as I continued to use the shampoo, I also found that my curls felt weightless. Most shampoos contain sulfates and other ingredients that harm curly hair and weigh it down, but Innersense is formulated with raw coconut, shea butter, and honey, which work together to naturally moisturize, offer shine, and protect color. 

Four years on, my hair feels lighter and softer to the touch, and my color remains brighter for longer. Overall, my curls look better and healthier now than I would have imagined possible in middle school. To try for yourself, head to Amazon to pick up a bottle.

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