Thandiwe Newton Calls This $135 De-Puffing Face Mask "Next Level" — and Shoppers Share the Love

Thandiwe Newton Calls This $135 De-Puffing Face Mask "Next Level" — and Shoppers Share the Love

Margot Robbie, Kim Kardashian, and Priyanka Chopra use the brand.
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Say what you will about social media, but there are some net positives it's brought into the world. The TikTok account , for example, about the pursuit of one cat trying to get a neighbor's cat to love him, is a must-see. Equally captivating are the tips celebrities drop daily, whether it's Bella Hadid extolling the virtues of a skin-tightening gadget or Thandiwe Newton's skincare secret for acing a night shoot.    

The latter actress recently shared her go-to skin treat on Instagram stories, posting a photo of her face plastered in 111Skin's periwinkle . "Night shooting @westworldhbo season four. I don't want to be a di*k about it...but these 111Skin face masks are NEXT LEVEL," Newton wrote. "And no, they didn't ask me to say that." 

This isn't the first time the brand's shown up on a famous face. , , and Candice Swanepoel are fans of the brand, and according to , Margot Robbie won't walk a red carpet without using one of first. Priyanka Chopra echoes the thought, dubbing the brand's the "" to her glowing skin ( shares her love for it). And last but definitely not least, is a fan of the currently sold-out .  

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With that kind of fan base, it's unsurprising that everyday shoppers also see results. Within 20 minutes, Nordstrom reviewers recount their skin transforming into an A-list version of itself. "It was AMAZING! My skin looks almost as good as when I have had a professional facial," writes one person. "[It] plumped, hydrated and smoothed out fine lines. And the sensation is lovely, [it] feels icy cooling and slightly tingles." 

The results are immediately visible, another shopper says, adding that their pores were left tight and skin, revived. The only drawback is the price: At $135 for five masks, the star-loved find isn't cheap. Yet when you do the math, it comes to $27 a mask — and with most facials running at double or triple the cost, getting the same results at home is tantalizing. And if you'd rather dip your toe in the brand before going full-in, the mask that is more affordable at $32.  

"Amazed by the results. I tried this mask for the first time today and couldn't believe it," a last person writes of the . "My skin was glowing, pores minimized and very smooth." 

Newton trusts to make her look like a sentient android, and sentient androids don't have pores. A little dystopian, but great skin is great skin.

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