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The '90s Trend Jennifer Lopez Can't Stop Wearing Is Still on Sale After Prime Day

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Eyes are almost always on Jennifer Lopez, but that holds particularly true this year with the return of Bennifer. It's impossible to escape the news of them being seen together — and making out in public. But we'd also be lying if we didn't admit that we're obsessed with their every move. Can you blame us? 2021 desperately needs some early 2000s energy. 

Speaking of the early 2000s, Lopez is bringing back a trend that was carried over from the late '90s but hasn't had the biggest resurgence until now. Obviously, we're talking about the infamous denim skirt. It's almost as if after Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's iconic 2001 VMAs appearance, everyone collectively decided they couldn't do denim as well, so why even try? Spears had basically won. But recently plenty of celebrities like Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez have been seen wearing denim skirts, and the look is definitely back. With the rise of Y2K fashion, it was bound to happen. 

Naturally, Lopez wore the fanciest possible option while out in Beverly Hills. She wore a long patchwork skirt by Dior with Gucci sunglasses and a Valentino bag. While the look was no doubt worth thousands, patchwork denim skirts are actually . They're not necessarily Dior, but they get the job done. 

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GRACE KARIN Women's High Waisted Jean Skirt Color Block Patchwork Denim Skirt
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Shop now: $21 (Originally $24);

As it turns out, plenty of denim skirts are still available at a major discount, that don't look too far off from the one that Katie Holmes is often spotted in. There's even that looks nearly identical to the one Rihanna infamously wore grocery shopping while putting all of our errand outfits to shame. 

So while not everyone is thrilled about the trend cycle, it's hard to not love a denim skirt. They're easy to wear, go with everything, and make you look like an iconic '90s pop star or a 2021 Jennifer Lopez. It's a win-win. And for under $25 on Amazon, . 

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