Post prime day fashion and beauty deals

20 Fashion and Beauty Deals You Can Still Shop After Amazon Prime Day — Including Meghan Markle's Mascara for $5

Plus, score discounts from Levi’s, Calvin Klein, and L’Oréal Paris.
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While Amazon Prime Day technically ended last night, there are still tons of fashion and beauty deals available. From breezy summer dresses to everyday sneakers to top-rated mascara, are the gifts that keep on giving. And to make it easier for you to shop the best ones, we rounded up 20 deals that we'd recommend adding to your cart ASAP. Keep scrolling through to check out all the best fashion and beauty deals to take advantage of in the days following Amazon Prime Day. 

Best After Prime Day Fashion Deals

  • , $15 (Originally $24)
  • , $19 (Originally $36)
  • , $22 (Originally $28)
  • , $23 (Originally $30)
  • , $30 (Originally $45)
  • , $35 with coupon (Originally $37)
  • , $38 (Originally $57)
  • , $50 (Originally $70)
  • , $55 (Originally $65)
  • , $83 (Originally $138)

Best After Prime Day Beauty Deals

  • , $5 (Originally $9)
  • , $5 (Originally $8)
  • , $5 (Originally $10)
  • , $6 (Originally $9)
  • , $7 (Originally $15)
  • , $18 (Originally $29)
  • , $18 (Originally $24)
  • , $26 (Originally $30)
  • , $36 (Originally $47)
  • , $45 (Originally $60)

If you've already stocked up on sundresses for the summer, consider adding a flowy midi skirt to your wardrobe. This is the perfect accent piece to pair with all the solid-colored basics you already have. You can dress it down with a T-shirt and sneakers or dress it up with a silky tank top and heeled sandals. 

"I am SO in love with this skirt," one reviewer wrote. "First off, the material is great, and the fit is perfect. The pattern is also so beautiful and gives off a designer vibe. I always get compliments every time I wear this. I love that it is easy to style for both work and casual looks."

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Shop now: $19 (Originally $36);

You can also get a pair of top-rated for a discount. They have a cushioned midsole for extra support and a low-cut design so you can freely move your ankles.  As one reviewer said, they're "perfect for cute outfits when you need comfortable shoes."

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Shop now: $55 (Originally $65);

In the accessories sale section, this is going for 40 percent off its original price. It comes in 21 colors and patterns, each with an adjustable strap, a tie detail on the front, and a detachable wristlet inside. The top of the bag has a magnetic closure. 

"I love this handbag," a shopper said. "It's so pretty and just the right size! It's not too deep and big enough to fit my cosmetic pouch and two wallets along with some other small items."

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Shop now: $83 (Originally $138);

Moving on to the beauty department, the with over 46,800 five-star ratings is on sale for just $5. The popular mascara has a curved brush with 10 layers of bristles to add both length and volume to your lashes. It works so well that even Meghan Markle's makeup artist swears by it for a full and voluminous look.  

"My favorite mascara of all time," a reviewer wrote. "I have super straight lashes, but I don't even need an eyelash curler for this mascara! It curls and volumizes my lashes so beautifully. Very easy application and although it's not waterproof, it lasts all day without leaking off or smudging."

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Shop now: $5 (Originally $9);

It's always important to wear sunscreen on your face, and it's especially crucial to do so during the summer months. The 60 is a customer-loved choice that's on sale for just $7. It protects against both UVA and UVB rays to prevent sunburns and signs of aging. One reviewer wrote, "This is the first sunscreen I have found that protects my skin but also doesn't irritate my eczema."

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Shop now: $7 (Originally $15);

Finishing off with a top-rated moisturizer, the is going for 38 percent off its original price. It's made with 97.5 percent snail mucin extract, which is a trusted ingredient in many Korean beauty products for brightening skin and smoothing wrinkles. 

"The first time I used this skin cream, I was shocked to see the immediate difference," a shopper wrote. "The fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead were less noticeable. My skin felt moist and soft. That night my face was still so smooth and soft."

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Shop now: $18 (Originally $29);

If you're feeling like you missed out on the millions of Prime Day deals over the past two days, you can still get your shopping fix in with these . Just be sure to make your purchases before these popular products sell out. 

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